Real vs. Fake Fears: How To Distinguish Between the Two {BFBN Week}

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When your child declares a fear of something, do you ever stop to wonder if the fear is actually a fear? Today Kim is talking about “fake fears.” She is explaining what they are, why they are, how to identify them, and how to work around them.

Real vs. Fake Fears: How To Distinguish Between the Two {BFBN Week}

Kimberly says, “Does the fear your child is expressing make sense in the context of their lives?  Fears that seem to come out of nowhere are often a sign of something deeper going on.  For example, if your child is suddenly afraid of the bath when previously they have adored it, something more than just the bathtub might be going on.  This is the time to think back and see if anything has happened that might be bothering your child.  Maybe they had a negative experience while swimming that they still need to work through.”

Head on over to Team Cartwright today to read up on real vs. fake fears. 


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