Managing Babywise with Daycare

  Babywise is definitely a philosphy that requires time and attention from the caregiver. This can be difficult enough when you are home with your baby all day and know… View Post

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Working in Your Appointments (Dr., Dentist, hair, etc.)

Perhaps one of the hardest things about being a mom is figuring out when to work in your appointments. As moms, we have appointments to go to the doctor, dentist,… View Post

Maintaining a Consistent Schedule and Discipline with other Caregivers

I am mom of two fantastic kiddos, age 4.5 and 6.5 (and don’t just say “6 years old” to my son”–it is “6 and A HALF” now). They continue to… View Post

5 Tips for Using Family as Babysitters

We are fortunate enough that most of the time we have a babysitter for our children, we are able to use my parents, who watch our children for free. Here… View Post

Working Outside the Home

I have had lots of requests from moms to share information on how to implement Babywise while working outside the home. Since I have no experience with that, I turned… View Post

What to Do When Your Babysitter Won’t Follow Your Routine

I often get questions about what to do about a babysitter who won’t follow your outline when watching your kids and what to do about it.   First, if it… View Post