Helping Siblings Like Each Other

As my children grow older, I worry less about things like sleep and eating and more about bigger issue things like morals and relationships. Sleep and eating are not less… View Post

How to Teach Respect for Personal Property

How to Teach Respect for Personal Property. How to teach children to respect the property of others. We have recently been talking about teaching virtues to children. We talked about… View Post

What vs. How of Training Your Child’s Character

What vs. How of Training Your Child’s Character Children are different from each other. Very different. Any of you who have more than one child know that well. And my guess… View Post

Evaluating and Teaching Context

Our last moral precept discussion from On Becoming Childwise was on teaching Why. That idea spills over in our topic for today: context.   Have you ever given your child… View Post

Teach “Why”

I think a right of passage for life as a parent is when your first child starts to ask “Whyyyyyyyyy?” Or if you are McKenna, “Why ’cause?”   For some… View Post

Teach What is Right, Not Just What is Wrong

If you got to an intersection and you didn’t know the way, but turned North and I said, “Don’t go that way!” and reprimanded you for it, would you know… View Post

Other People Count

image source   Childwise Principle #6 in On Becoming Childwise is “Other People Count” (page 70). That is pretty straight forward, right? Other people have feelings, other people’s feelings matter, and how… View Post