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Here is some info on my current plans as far as the blog is concerned right now. I do have posts written for the month of April and most of… View Post

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This blog is intended to be a quick reference to find answers to questions you encounter while implementing Babywise, Toddlerwise, Childwise, etc. See the Blog Index for a list of… View Post

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I have obviously not been around for a while. This week will prove to be another busy week for our family. We will… View Post

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For the last three months, I have not been receiving my email notifications when someone leaves a comment. That coupled with my first trimester caused me to miss a lot… View Post

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I spent many, many, many hours over the weekend streamlining the blog labels. When I first started the blog, I didn’t really know what labels were for. I recently came… View Post


Even though I prefer not to debate Babywise, there have been some debates. Here they are: TulipGirl said…Do you think BW will work for all moms/babies? If not, what are… View Post

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The good news is that I am once again being notified of comments. The somewhat bad news (for those who left comments) is that I have been out of town… View Post