8 Ways to Respond to, “Everyone is Doing It!”

8 Ways to Respond to, “Everyone is Doing It!” Helpful phrases to be prepared for how to respond.  The phrase, “Everyone is doing it!” is a time-honored phrase of children… View Post

You Don’t Have to Like It, But You Do Have to Eat It

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7 Phrases That Help You Avoid Losing Your Temper as a Parent

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Discipline Phrase: “Just Sit and Be Bored”

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Discipline Phrase: Turn Off Your Whiney Voice

Whining. I don’t think there is much that grates on the nerves of parents more than whining. There are many possible paths you can take to curbing whining. You can… View Post

What and Where

On Becoming Preschoolwise talks about two important words to help keep your preschooler doing what he should be doing: What and Where (page 94). You start by deciding what your… View Post

Discipline Phrase: “You don’t have the freedom to…”

“You don’t have the freedom to…” is a phrase I got from On Becoming Preschoolwise page 78. I love it. It seems to be a phrase that leaves no room… View Post