Ear Tubes

image source If your child is one who gets ear infection after ear infection, you might find yourself talking about ear tubes (if not, you should be at least talking… View Post

Surviving an Ear Infection

One of the main causes for a pre-toddler or toddler suddenly not sleeping well is an ear infection. Ear infections can be painful. They can also prevent your child from… View Post

Brinley Baby Summary: 52 Weeks Old

Not too difficult of a sickie 🙂 But look–she has rock candy. How can you be upset with rock candy? (she actually didn’t like it) This is a summary for… View Post

McKenna Summary: 2.75 Years

McKenna is now 2.5 plus four months old–that is 2.75 years old! Crazy! This month was a crazy one that revolved around her medically. Let’s start there. EAR INFECTIONS I… View Post


image source Good hearing is very beneficial to the development of language. Baby Body Signs states, “…babies learn to speak…almost effortlessly if all the components of hearing…are in place” (page 78). The… View Post