8 Great Gifts for Dads

Sometimes dads can seem very hard to shop for. Okay, most adults are hard to shop for, right? I don’t like to do gifts that are just fluff. I want… View Post

How To Help Your Spouse Succeed as a Father (in a non-nagging way)

For years, the stereotype of the father who is essentially just another child in the home has been a favorite on television shows and in movies. This really hasn’t been… View Post

Father’s Impact on His Daughters

My first-born child is a boy. Following him was a son that we lost at 20 weeks gestation. After that, I was sure I was “destined” to be a mother… View Post

Private Interviews with Children

Each week, we set aside one night that is our family night. We call this Family Home Evening. This year, we have started a new tradition. The first week of the… View Post

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Making Time For Fun

This is my Dad. My Dad is one of the best people I have ever met. You know how you use your dad to measure anyone you date against? I… View Post

Fathers Impact on Daughters

My husband and Kaitlyn several years ago Today, I did a guest post on DaddyLife.net about the profound impact fathers have on their daughters. Check it out here:  http://daddylife.net/2012/05/10/fathers-impact-on-his-daughters/. This… View Post