Happy Thanksgiving (and some posts for you to read)

Happy Thanksgiving week to you! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States. I will be hosting a meal tomorrow, then attending a meal Saturday and another meal Sunday. So… View Post

7 Tips for Attending Parades with Young Children

Brayden’s first big holiday of his life was Independence Day. We lived very close to the parade route, and as a first time mom, I was so excited to get… View Post

Happy [Martin Luther King Jr.]/[Civil Rights]/[Human Rights] Day!

image source I am not even sure what this day is supposed to be called anymore. The latest that I have seen is “Human Rights Day.” I was feeling annoyed… View Post

Happy Thanksgiving Break {Plus some light reading}

It is Thanksgiving time again here in the USA and I am off to enjoy some time with my family. If you need some reading over the break, I have… View Post

Freedom for All

I really like this quote, not only in the context of physical freedom, but any kind of freedom. I think it is very pertinent to many issues in our day.… View Post

Impact for the Better

image source Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As such, I am playing “banker” and taking the day off :). Sometimes I think of people like Martin Luther King… View Post

Planning a Successful Class Party

The class party time is upon us! Class parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. I have been involved in class… View Post