Follow up: In Action–Flexibility and Mistakes

Yesterday afternoon, Kaitlyn was once again not falling asleep for her afternoon nap. I am glad to report that I did get smarter and learned from my previous mistake. I… View Post

In Action: Flexibility and Mistakes

source This post outlines a major blunder I did yesterday and the measures I took to correct it. Yesterday I had one of those moments when you just wonder how… View Post

In Action: Adjusting Schedule as Needed

You probably remember that a couple of weeks ago the kids and I were very, very sick. It was bad. Both of the kids lost significant weight (and I only… View Post

In Action: Comforting Sick Children

  We have had quite the weekend here. My children and I are all very, very sick. I was hospitalized with extreme dehydration; luckily the kids haven’t gotten that bad.… View Post

In Action: Dropping the 3rd Nap

I have been working on dropping that third nap with Kaitlyn since the beginning of January. At the time, she was 8 months old (approaching 9). We have taken the… View Post

In Action: Troubleshooting Naps (Again)

As I have said in a previous post, the whole parenting thing is a dynamic situation (see It’s Dynamic). We constantly need to adjust our schedules to accommodate our growing babies.… View Post

In Action: Troubleshooting Naps

A little over a week ago, Kaitlyn started waking up from her naps early. I gave it a couple of days to see if it was a fluke before I… View Post