How to Put Baby Back to Sleep

There come times when your little one will wake up early but not be hungry. In those moments, you really want your baby to go back to sleep. It is… View Post

How to Deal with the 45-Minute Intruder

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What To Do When Your Baby Wakes Early But Isn’t Hungry

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Preschoolers and Naps

In the preschool age group, “naps” vary among the children more than any other age group. One three year old may be done napping 99% of the time while the… View Post

Tips to get solid twin naps

By Kimberly Cartwright I hear all the time how lucky I am that all my children nap at the same time.  I am blessed with decent sleepers, but that is… View Post

What to Do When Baby’s Awake Time Is Before Feedings

  Eat, wake, sleep. Repeat.  That is the pattern we all have in our heads.  Sometimes, however, that little cutie of yours doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo and… View Post

Reader Questions/Comments to Each Other

Four Hour Schedule LHS Class of 1998 said… Hi Heather,I was following your question a few weeks ago to Val about moving to the 4 hrs schedule. I was wondering… View Post