Inconsistent Napping

    I have some news for you. It might come as good news, but it might come as bad news. I always give it to you straight, so here… View Post

Help a Reader Out: Toddler Not Napping

noblesvillemom said…   Hi Val, my DD has been having trouble with naps and bedtime for about a year. She gave up the second nap at about 13 mths (would just… View Post

Importance of the First Nap

The morning nap is usually the first nap to become consistent in a baby’s life. Even though it is not the last nap baby keeps around,  it is the most… View Post

Why Have Naps?

If you are a parent trying to establish good sleep habits, there is a chance you have fantasized about the possibility of not stressing over naps. Couldn’t you just wait… View Post

Help A Reader Out: Toddler Crying Mid-Nap

Melissa Hunt said… My son, 21 months, is a BW success story. We’ve never had any problems. That is, until last week when he started waking up 40 minutes into… View Post

Reader Nap Questions

Cat Naps: Bugs and Sunshine said… for an 8 month old do you recommend and early evening cat nap? January 5, 2009 1:03 PM Plowmanators said… Bugs and Sunshine,If they… View Post

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