Understanding Accidental Behavior

We stared at each other. I had only nano-seconds to make a judgement call. Was that intentional? Did she mean to spill that milk? Or was it an accident? I… View Post

Optimal Waketime Lengths for Toddlers (12-24 Months Old)

It isn’t only babies who need their waketime length correct. It is also toddlers. A toddler who is up too long can get grumpy and stay awake through the entire… View Post

Poll Discussion: Sleep Totals for 12-15 Months Old

  Today’s poll is on sleep totals. Parents often find themselves wondering if the amount of sleep their child is getting is in a normal range. This poll is specifically… View Post

Finger Foods Basics

Side Note: (side note to side note, isn’t it odd I am starting with a side note?). Back to side note. Somehow, as I planned this week, I happened to… View Post

12-18 Month Index

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House-Proofing: Pick Your Battles

How to house-proof your child and also keep the home safe for your little one. Know when to child-proof and when to house-proof. I am more of a “house-proofer” than… View Post

Pre-Toddlers and Emotions

Emotional responses are a complex thing–even adults often can’t explain why they “feel” a certain way. On Becoming Pre-Toddlerwise has two great ideas for helping parents encourage happy emotions while… View Post