Understanding Accidental Behavior

We stared at each other. I had only nano-seconds to make a judgement call. Was that intentional? Did she mean to spill that milk? Or was it an accident? I… View Post

Optimal Waketime Lengths for Toddlers (12-24 Months Old)

It isn’t only babies who need their waketime length correct. It is also toddlers. A toddler who is up too long can get grumpy and stay awake through the entire… View Post

Distraction as a Discipline Tool

A very handy tool for discipline with older babies, toddlers, and even at times preschoolers is distraction. What is Distraction Distraction is taking your child’s attention and placing it elsewhere.… View Post

How to Align Baby’s Meal Times with Family’s Meal Times

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Poll Discussion: Sleep Totals for 12-15 Months Old

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Best Things: 15-18 Months Old

I have shared before that the newborn stage is not my favorite. I know some of you think that is crazy. It isn’t that I didn’t love my newborns, it… View Post

The Screaming Non-Verbal Baby/Toddler

You may be familiar with it. The child who is old enough to know what she wants and certainly has an opinion on what she wants, but she can’t communicate… View Post