Canvas People Deals Are Back!

Canvas People used to have the free 8×10 canvas–you just pay shipping. In 2011, that amazing deal ended and they introduced a new amazing deal–$50 toward any size canvas. That… View Post

Last Day to Enter…Potty Training

Today is your last chance to enter to win a Potty Training 1-2-3 Book and DVD set. Check it out:

Last Day to Enter…

To day is your last day to enter to win the Professor Brooster Mechanical Brain Booster! You have until 11:59 MST!

Last Day to Enter TWO contests

Today is your last day to enter to win 1. A Canvas Photo! 2.Children’s books!

Blanket Time Poll

Tuesday, January 18 is the last day to vote on the current blanket time poll. I am asking what age you started blanket time. So come vote!

Last Day to Vote on the Poll

The current poll is DID YOU DROP THE DREAMFEED (DF) FIRST OR MOVE TO A 4 HOUR SCHEDULE FIRST? The voting will close Tuesday around 3 or 4 in the… View Post

Vote on the Poll!–First Solid Food

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to vote on the poll. The current poll question is: WHAT WAS BABY’S FIRST FOOD? Come be sure to vote!