The Happiest Baby on the Block: Swaddling

The first step in Karp’s calming process is swaddling. Karp points out that swaddling itself does not calm your baby. It is the first step in order to prepare your… View Post

Poll Results: What Method Did You Use to Drop the Swaddle?

Results: Cold turkey: 28 votes (29%) Gradual weaning: 9 votes (9%) Unwrap arms but leave trunk wrapped: 23 votes (23%) Stopped nights/swaddled naps: 2 votes (2%) Stopped naps/swaddled nights: 11… View Post

What Age Did You Drop the Swaddle Completely?

Results: 1-4 Weeks: 20 votes (14%)5-8 Weeks: 24 votes (17%)9-10 Weeks: 10 votes (7%)11-12 Weeks: 5 votes (3%)3-4 Months: 20 votes (14%)4-5 Months: 18 votes (12%)6-8 Months: 16 votes (11%)9-12… View Post

Poll Results: Did you/do you swaddle your baby?

Results: Yes: 123 votes (84%) No: 23 votes (15%) Total of 146 votes

When To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

When to stop the swaddle varies from family to family. Some swaddle up to a year. Others never swaddle at all. You might be sick of reading this, but exactly… View Post

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better With Swaddling

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better With Swaddling. Swaddling baby is a great way to get great sleep for your newborn baby through older baby. Swaddling can be a… View Post