Poll Results: Thumb/Finger Sucking

You can find the original poll and responses to this poll here. Here are the results: Did/does your child suck fingers/thumb? Yes: 26 No: 2 If so, which? Thumb: 13… View Post

Poll Discussion: Thumb/Finger Sucking

Our newest poll is on thumb/finger sucking. It is helpful while I compile results if you copy these questions and paste them, then answer under each. If you do not… View Post

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Thumb/Finger Sucking : http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/08/thumbfinger-sucking.html Weaning Thumb/Finger Sucking Poll Results: Did/does your baby suck for soothing…

Poll Results: Did/does your baby suck for soothing?

Yes, pacifier   86 (48%)   Yes, fingers/thumb   71 (39%)   Yes, other   9 (5%)   No   12 (6%)   Votes so far: 178  RELATED POSTS/BLOG LABELS:… View Post

Weaning Thumb/Finger Sucking

On Becoming Toddlerwise has some information on weaning from thumb and finger sucking. They stress the importance of substitution. Substitution is when you use something in place of the undesirable action.… View Post

Why You Should Encourage Thumb/Finger Sucking

Why You Should Encourage Thumb/Finger Sucking. The benefits of thumb sucking or finger sucking and how you can prevent it from being a problem. In the book Secrets of the… View Post