Sleep Regressions {Poll Discussion Post}

We work so hard to get sleep down. We analyze waketime lengths, feedings, room temperature, light…pretty much anything that comes in contact with our baby gets the side eye. “Are you ruining my baby’s sleep?”




Then we get there. Sleep is great! Hooray!




BAM! Sleep regression! 




Today’s poll is all about the sleep regression. I hope this poll will give parents entering a sleep regression some light at the end of the tunnel.


Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Doing so will help other parents now and in the future. It is very helpful for me when compiling answers if you at least number the answers you give. You can also copy the questions and answer them. If the question does not apply to you, simply put “N/A.”


1-Did your baby ever have a sleep regression?

2-What age(s) did your child have a sleep regression?

3-Was there anything you could do to help the sleep regression?

4-How did you manage the schedule during the sleep regression? With your child waking early, did you feed more often, have more waketime, etc.

5-Any tips, advice, or words of encouragement?

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