Spring Break 2017

Time for spring break at my house! We have a fun week ahead with everything from our house addition work to McKenna’s baptism. Follow me on Instagram to see what we are up to!

I will not be blogging this week. Follow me on Facebook to still get notified of some great posts for you to read. I also have included a list of some of my greatest hits from way back in 2011. Click on the image to read the post. 

 It Starts With You--Discipline Helps

 Posts for 9-12 Month Olds. Great reference list for that age.

 You can't just say no, you have to teach what is right.

What I Wish I Had Known With Baby Number 1

 Independent Playtime Information

 Driving Activities to do with your child

 How to successfully run errands with children

 Discipline Help: Avoid Legalism

 Helpful tool for family chores

 How To Help Children Memorize Scriptures

 Evaluating and teaching context when disciplining

 Discipline Tip: Teach "Why"

 How I Do Learning Time Each Day

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