Stainless Steel Tumbler {Friday Finds}

Stainless Steel Tumbler {Friday Finds}

I feel so much better when I am drinking a lot of water each day. I aim for about 82 ounces a day, which is about ten cups of water (more than the common recommendation of 8 cups a day, which gets you to 64 ounces). I have more energy, sleep better, have fewer sugar cravings, and have fewer headaches when I am getting my water in each day.


I have always found that I am much more successful at drinking enough water each day if I have it in a tumbler. I prefer to guzzle my water through a straw. I have used plastic tumblers for years, but somehow I ALWAYS end up breaking them. I carry the thing with me all over the house and often on car rides, and somehow I manage to bust the thing in some way. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.


I spent months and months pondering the purchase of a stainless steel tumbler. I think about purchases for a while before taking the plunge. I debated between the lauded Yeti and a cheaper knock off. I have a friend who absolutely loves her Yeti and can’t say enough good about it. But of course there are cheaper options out there that many people say work just as well, or at least well enough that it is worth spending at least half as much.

I find I drink water better if it is cold (my version of cold, which is not freezing). Because of this, having a tumbler that could maintain a cool temperature is a smart move for me.


So I finally went with the RTIC. I figured it is a less expensive way to see how much I like the stainless steel option and see if I am talented at somehow breaking one of these, also. I hope not, but if I am, I would rather be talented on the RTIC than the Yeti.


I also went for a pack of stainless steel straws. Excellent move for me. I do NOT like the flavor of anything made of silicon. Ugh. You could do disposable. I have liked the stainless steel and I would do that add-on again.

I have had this for two months now and still use it daily and I am still liking it. I also have not broken it thus far, so that is a win. If you are on the hunt for a good tumbler that is relatively inexpensive, this might be your answer!

RTIC 30 oz Insulated Tumble...Shop on Amazon


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  1. Hi Valerie,I wanted to run our 6.5 month old's recent sleep disruptions by you for troubleshooting, but wasn't sure where I should post it. What is the best way to do that? Thanks so much!!!

  2. Hi Emily, you can post here (I don't always get notified of comments here, though), send me a message of FB, or join me live on Mondays on FB. I will be live today at 1 PM Mountain (that is 3 PM Eastern).


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