Surviving Seasonal Allergies

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Allergy season is upon us! I asked you all how you survive allergies on Facebook. I wanted to know everything from food allergies to environmentally caused allergies. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. 


Seasonal Allergies

  • Bath. Take a bath each evening to wash off allergens. One person pointed out that with nightly baths, you are making sure the allergens don’t get onto the blankets and pillows you will be breathing all night. 
  • Remove and wash clothes. By the same reasoning, remove clothes and wash them after being outside.
  • Essential oils. Oils like lemonlavenderpeppermint, and RC.
  • Claritin/Zyrtec. Take a Claritin, or some other antihistamine, each morning. You will likely have to rotate brands every few months as your body can build up a tolerance. Allergies are often easier to prevent than to treat. 
  • Benadryl. Take this as needed.
  • Neti Pot. Use a Neti Pot to flush the nasal passages.
  • Nasal spray. Read labels carefully because many can only be used for 3 days before causing issues.
  • Antihistamine eye drops
  • Take shoes off before coming in the house.
  • Keep windows closed. 


Food Allergies

  • Train Child. One mom shared that with her young daughter, she is training her to ask if the allergen is in the food before she eats anything.
  • Stick with Brands and Restaurants You Trust. Once you find those brands and restaurants that you know are safe, stick with those.

Do you have more input? How do you survive any type of allergy?


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  1. We also really like having HEPA air filtering units in each bedroom. They serve as great white noise and really help keep allergens down. We only run them at night while we sleep. Replacing the filters can get expensive but I think it's definitely worth the investment if you're an allergy sufferer.


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