Sympathy for Reflux


When I am pregnant, I get really bad heartburn. As most know, I am pregnant right now so I am “enjoying” the sensation once again. I seem to get heartburn worse with boys than I do girls (I don’t know for sure that I am having a boy, but it seems like it), so it has been a while since I had the extremely bad heartburn. I remember with Brayden it got so bad in my third trimester that I just couldn’t sleep at night. I am not really a person who likes to take medicine, so Mylanta is as far as I go. It just didn’t help.

The other night I had heartburn really bad. As I got in bed to go to sleep, it was painful for me. I tried laying on each side, but to no avail. It hurt. My husband offered to rub my back because that helps relax me to fall asleep. I can still lay on my tummy for short periods, so I lay on my tummy. Immediately my heartburn was relieved.

As I lay there trying to fall asleep, I had even more sympathy, and moving into empathy, for those little babies with reflux. It is hard to sleep if your esophagus is burning. I know that many parents who have babies with reflux get discouraged because their little one takes longer to be able to sleep long for naps, sleep through the night, and move to a 4 hour schedule. Kaitlyn certainly took longer than average to sleep through the night and to move to a 4 hour schedule (she had reflux).

Take heart and have patience. Your baby will get there when it becomes possible. Have sympathy and know your little one is in pain. Do research to find out what you can do to help ease that pain. Try different things; remedies are different for every baby. Your baby will get there and you aren’t a failure if it takes extra time. See also this post on reflux:

Babywise and Reflux:

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