Tips and Tricks: Diapers


  • Put a bigger size diaper on your baby at night than he needs in the day. It will keep baby less wet and prevent waking for that reason (if he is prone to do so). It will also prevent leaks. But take note to not do this if your baby is at the small end of the diaper scale. So if baby is 15 lbs. and the diaper is for 15-25 lbs. you shouldn’t need a bigger diaper. Once she reaches 20 lbs. though, it is probably time.
  • I love Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It is for treating and preventing diaper rash. I put it on my kids at night before bed to prevent diaper rash. Brayden NEVER had one. Kaitlyn has more sensitive skin and has had a rash a couple of times. In those instances, I have seen the power of the butt paste. It went away after only one or two applications. It is expensive, but in 2.5 years I have only bought 4 total. So worth it!

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6 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks: Diapers”

  1. This may be a ridiculous question, but oh well! My LO seems to always have a little red on his bum. He also gets it in the creases on his legs. My question is when you go to change the diaper, and you applied the butt paste with the previous diaper, do you wipe it off every time you put a new diaper on, then reapply???? Or do you leave it there, and reapply over it?Thanks!

  2. No such thing as a ridiculous question! I wipe it off every time then reapply. I always wipe the entire area that the diaper touches to get the urine off the skin.

  3. I have a diapering issue…My son is 10 days old and constantly is filling his diaper (wet) and leaking all over his clothes. This happens at night and during the day. I change him after every feeding, but by the time he wakes up from nap to eat again his clothes are soaked! This is getting really frustrating esp in the middle of the night b/c I don't want to be changing him and "really" waking him up. Any suggestions? Also, thank you for your blog. I found it one day last week and it was an answer to prayer and just what I needed. Thank you!

  4. Friends of Jesus,If my kids are close to the next size up for diapers, I put them in the larger size at night.For example, say the diapers are rated for 8-12 pounds. If the child is 10-11 pounds, I will put her in the next size up diaper over night. Also for boys, make sure he is pointing down when you put the diaper on. That really makes a difference.And finally, I have found that boys tend to leak out of the diaper a lot more than girls 🙁 But with a baby that young, I always change the diaper at every night feeding. Try changing it before you feed him if you are concerned about him getting too alert. When they eat that often, they need a fresh diaper since they urinate more often.

  5. This is a little late for Friends of Jesus, but if anybody else reads that comment and has the same problem, I discovered that after my baby boy had his circ, the gauze pads with vaseline they had me use made him leak EVERY TIME. It was a frustrating week, but it went away as soon as the gauze did.


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