Top 10’s 2012


Last year, I shared the top tens for the blog and wanted to do the same this year. Last year, we looked at the previous 2.5 years–this year it will move us into the previous 3.5 years.

Top 10 Blog Posts

#10 Optimal Waketime Lengths (new to the list this year)

#9 Newborn Evening Feeding Schedule (down from number 7 last year)

#8 3-6 Month Old Index (down from number two a year ago)

#7 45 Minute Intruder (up from number eight last year)

#6 Sleep Routine (did not make the list last year) 

#5 Dropping the Dreamfeed (did not even make the list a year ago) 

#4  Dreamfeed FAQs (up from number ten a year ago)

#3 Growth Spurts (making a mighty move–this wasn’t even on the list last year) 

#2 Reader Sample Schedules 0-12 Months Old (up from number three a year ago)

#1 Blog Index for Newborns (holding strong at number one)

Last Years Top Tens That Did Not Make the List This Year:

Top 10 Originating Countries (where you readers are)

#10 China (new to the list this year)

#9 Japan (down from seven last year)

#8 Russia (up from ten last year)

#7 Singapore (up one from eight last year)

#6 Germany (down one from five last year)

#5 New Zealand (up one from six last year)

#4 United Kingdom

#3 Australia

#2 Canada

#1 United States

Top 10 Operating Systems

#10 Palm

#9 Other Unix

#8 Blackberry

#7 Linux

#6 iPod

#5 Android

#4 iPad

#3 Mac (down from two last year)

#2 iPhone (up from three last year)

#1 Windows

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