Top 10s of 2014

It is time once again to see what your favorite posts are here. I love reviewing and seeing what you readers are finding most valuable.

Top Ten Posts of All Time

These are the stats on all of the posts compared to each other. Naturally, older posts have an advantage here since they have had a longer lifespan of opportunity to be viewed. This year, the list stayed pretty similar to last year, which is the first time that has happened!

#10 3-6 Month Old Index (down from number 9 last year)

#9 Sleep Routine (down from number 8 a year ago) 

#8  Reader Sample Schedules: 12-24 Months Old (new to the list this year)

#7 45 Minute Intruder (same spot as last year)

#6  Dropping the Dreamfeed (same spot as last year)

#5  Growth Spurts (down from number 4 a year ago)

#4  Sleep Training: The Four S’s (up from number 5 last year)

#3  Dreamfeed FAQs (same spot as last year) 

#2  Blog Index for Newborns (same spot as last year)

#1 Reader Sample Schedules 0-12 Months Old (same spot as last year)

Last Year’s Top Tens That Did Not Make the List This Year:

Top Ten Posts Published in 2014

These are the most popular posts that were written new in 2014:

#10 More Than Making It Through the Day: 18-24 Months

#9  Remind Children They Are Wonderful {Quotable Mondays}

#8  Should You Correct for Attitude?

#7 The Long, Hard Hours of Being a First Time Mom

#6  DIY Doorway Puppet Theatre {Tutorial}

#5  Coats and Carseats {Coat Compression}

#4  Realities of Being a SAHM

#3  How Clean Should You Keep Your House? {I will no longer apologize for having a clean house!}

#2 The Screaming Non-Verbal Baby/Toddler

#1 Allow Grief to Be Felt

Top 10 Originating Countries (where you readers are)

#10 Ukraine (new to the list this year)

#9 Singapore (down from 8 last year)

#8  Russia (up from 9 last year)

#7 Germany (same as last year)

#6 New Zealand (same as last year)

#5 China (same as last year)

#4 United Kingdom (same as last year)

#3 Australia (same as last year)

#2 Canada (same as last year)

#1 United States (same as last year)

Top 10 Operating Systems

#10 BB10 (new to the list this year)

#9 Other Unix

#8 Blackberry

#7 Linux

#6 iPod

#5 Android

#4 iPad

#3 Mac 

#2 Windows

#1 iPhone (iPhone narrowly pushed Windows out of the number one spot)

You can see the list for 2013 here, 2012 here, and 2011 here.

3 thoughts on “Top 10s of 2014”

  1. Hi Val, Happy new year!Thank you for all your wonderful posts. They are so helpful.I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on what I should start with first, – potty training, independent playtime, or transitioning to bed from cot. My daughter is 2.4 years old. She has never done independent playtime because I gave it a go with her at about 1 year and she screamed so much I gave up. She is very social and doesn't like to play on her own much. But I think she needs this now. So do I!! I have a son who is 1 year also and he has just started crawling and I am going to start independent play with him also. I think my daughter is showing the signs of readiness for potty training, I'm just not sure what to start with first. It all seems a bit daunting! What do you think I should do?

    • That is a tough call! I would normally say independent play, but potty training really disrupts independent play. So I would do potty training first. The crib to bed transition is usually very easy and event free. I think you can do that next or independent play–whichever you feel is more needed. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Val.I will start potty training in the next few weeks. It is summer here in New Zealand so if we are spending all that time side by side potty training it will be nice to be outside and not stuck indoors.When we are well under way with potty training and I want to shift my attention to independent playtime, should I put my daughter in a diaper for this time? I know she will be very resisitant to independent play and will probably do anything to get me back in her room. So I would be a little nervous putting a potty in her room. Your thoughts?Thankyou.


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