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On the post Baby Stuff I Love: Bath Toys, I mentioned some of our favorites. Here I will list all bath toys we have and our thoughts on them.

Nesting Cups

Age Range: 6 months and up

Review: These are some of the best toys for your children. Ours are currently in our tub because ours have holes in them. I am going to be getting the cups linked below for McKenna for Christmas this year since ours are in the tub. They are fun at home, in the tub, and on the go.

Buy Again?: Yes. I obviously love them if I am buying another set šŸ™‚

Rubber Ducks

Age Range: birth and up

Review: Rubber Ducks are some of Kaitlyn’s favorite toys for the bath tub. She just loves them.

Buy Again?: Yes, for sure. Here is a link to ducks on Amazon. Just a plain duck might be cheaper at your local store, but they have some fancy ones on Amazon. Rubber Ducks

Tubby Tug Boat

Age Range: 6 months and up

Review: Brayden absolutely loves this. It is a fun boat that comes with lots of fun toys.

Buy Again?: I would definitely get a boat again, but this time I would consider the Fisher Price boat. The reason for this is that Tubby is a lot larger than the Fisher Price one. I don’t know which I would get, but I would consider both.


Sassy Sea Creatures

Age Range: 6 months and up

Review: I really like these toys. I am currently searching out what toys to get for McKenna and keep seeing these and wanting to get them again šŸ™‚ I noticed they only have 3 of 5 starts on Amazon, though, so I read the reviews. People said they got moldy fast and that they are hard to squeeze out. These are both true statements. We live in a dry climate, so our toys don’t get moldy fast. They are hard to squeeze, but not impossible. I have mentioned many times, but I don’t buy a bath toy expecting it to last through all of my kids. I expect to have to get rid of it in a couple of years, and I spend time cleaning them in vinegar every so often. So take that information and see what you think of it in your situation. These have been a favorite bath toy for the last two years in our house.

Buy Again?: Yes, I would. But if I lived in a humid climate, I might not.

Foam Letters

Age Range: birth and up

Review: These are great bath toys. They transcend the ages of your children. Babies love them as do four year olds. It is a fun way to practice letters.

Buy Again?: Yes. We are currently on our second set. These bath toys last a lot longer than most since no water goes inside. You do need to clean them off every so often, still, though.

Foam Cars

Age Range: 18 months and up (maybe 12)

Review: These are some of Brayden’s favorites. He loves cars, so being able to play with them in the tub is great fun for him.

Buy Again?: Yes.

Little Tikes Bathketball

Age Range: probably 18 months and up

Review: My parents gave this toy to Brayden. I remember the first time he played with it. I literally had never heard him laugh so hard. He loved it. He and Kaitlyn both really like it still.

Buy Again?: For sure.


Fishing Net Toy

Age Range: 6 months and up

Review: We really like this toy, but we have an older version. There is one review on Amazon, and that person doesn’t like it. Our net is different (doesn’t squirt).

Buy Again?: I would buy the one we have again, but I would look around before buying the current version. I think nets are really fun for the tub, though.

Giraffe Bath Toy

Age Range: 6 months and up

Review: This was Kaitlyn’s new bath toy for last Christmas, and she loves it. I will caution the mom Giraffe is hard to get water out of, but conversely it is hard to get water in it, too.

Buy Again?: Yes. They make a lot of different animals, not just giraffes. We got giraffes because Kaitlyn loves giraffes.


Bath Books

Age Range: Birth and up

Review: We love these books. We don’t use them only in the tub, but do keep one in the tub. We have two of Water Water Everywhere so we can keep on in the tub and one out for baby.

Buy Again?: Definitely. I have five of these, and two are the same book, so I obviously like them.

Crayons and Markers

Age Range: 2 and up. Maybe 18 months

Review: We love both of these. We got them last year at Christmas time. At first, I didn’t like the markers. Over time, I have come to prefer them, as have my kids. I haven’t had a problem with the markers staining at all. I just use cleaner to clean it off. We actually use wash clothes to clean up at the end of each bath (the kids help), but the red doesn’t clean off well that way. You need cleaner. The crayons are great, too. They just run out faster and I find them more difficult to clean up. However, I will be getting new crayons this year (we don’t need new markers yet).

Buy Again?: Yes. They practice drawing pictures and writing letters with these and have a great time.

That finishes off our bath toys. Please do share your favorite bath toys! I am looking for new toys for this Christmas.

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