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I thought I would post some information here since I recently did a post about toys. As I mentioned on that post, my son loves Thomas the Tank Engine. A few weeks ago my husband and I were out Christmas shopping (and yes, I am all done–wahoo!). We were at a locally owned toy store looking at Thomas stuff. While there, I saw wooden toys trains by the company Melissa and Doug.

We had been planning on adding to Brayden’s simple Thomas track set at Christmas with an expansion pack. While looking at this Melissa and Doug track set, I saw that it was not much more expensive for a whole lot more stuff. I talked to a sales associate about it and asked him about quality and the differences and such. He said that Thomas has more detail painted on it, and the Thomas tracks are double-sided while Melissa and Doug are not, but that the Melissa and Doug are good quality at a third the price. He also said that company has a policy of replacing any missing piece for any reason for free. Even on their puzzles (the make a lot of toys for children).

I went home and looked on Amazon and found the set for 30 dollars cheaper than at the store, which ended up being only 10 dollars more than a small expansion Thomas track set would have been. So, I wanted to pass this along. Brayden doesn’t really care the brand, and I also figured for a track set, it didn’t matter what brand it was.

Also, after looking over all of the Melissa and Doug toys at the store, I was quite impressed. They make some wonderful toys (and some weird ones). I love that they replace anything your child loses or breaks. And no, I have no affiliation or kick-back from them. It is just a new discovery I wanted to pass along.

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7 thoughts on “Toy Trains: Random Information”

  1. We love Melissa and Doug at our house! We have a lot of their puzzles and some play food that you can "cut", because there's velcro between the slices! I find a lot of M & D stuff at discount stores and some at garage sales!Thanks for the replacement tip. I didn't know that the company did that!Homey

  2. I know that Imaginarium tracks & trains are compatable with the Thomas ones. Are the Doug & Melissa ones able to match up too? We are planning to get our son an Imaginarium train table for Christmas. It comes with all the tracks and trains and is currently on sale at ToysRUs. That way we can still invest in some of his favorite Thomas characters but we don't have to pay "Thomas Price" for the tracks! Here is the table:


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