Toys for Tots {Giveback!}

Each year around this time, I like to highlight a charity that we can get involved with at Christmas time. This post has several ideas from me and readers on ways to give back at this time:


Let’s Give Back: Christmas Giving


I wanted to highlight Toys for Tots this year. You can read all about them at their website. Essentially, they are the Marines organizing toy drives for children. A great thing about it is you are giving toys to help children local to where you live. 


Go to this page on their site to see where you can participate in your state. You can donate money, toys, or even your time to the organization.


My children’s school is participating in Toys for Tots this year. My children are very excited and interested to help out. I love what our principal said–he pointed out it isn’t important how much you give, but that he believes it is important that you give something. I think most if not all of us can find a way to work 5-10 dollars from our budget to help out this Christmas season. I know for us, that is easily accomplished by cutting out one pizza night. Working together, we can make a big difference as one collective unit, and individually  one toy makes a difference to one child.

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