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Parenting the Strong-Willed Child has a few good ideas for traveling in the car. I think these can apply no matter what your mode of transportation. thse are found on page 227.


1-Have a CD your child likes. Of course, many of us might do playlists on our MP3 player. I have a playlist for my music that the kids like. I also have a playlist of children’s tunes. I also have a playlist of our books on tape. We rotate through these while driving. 

2-Have toys specific to car. These are toys you only bring out for the road trip. That keeps the toys fresh and exciting. Another idea that produces the same results is to buy a few new toys for the trip. This idea of new toys is found in basically any list of traveling tips you will ever see :).

3-Have snacks and drinks for long drives.


That’s it! Simple enough. I have many more comprehensive posts on traveling in the car:


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