What Age Did You Drop the Swaddle Completely?


1-4 Weeks: 20 votes (14%)
5-8 Weeks: 24 votes (17%)
9-10 Weeks: 10 votes (7%)
11-12 Weeks: 5 votes (3%)
3-4 Months: 20 votes (14%)
4-5 Months: 18 votes (12%)
6-8 Months: 16 votes (11%)
9-12 Months: 0 votes
12 Months or older: 0 votes
Not Yet!: 27 votes (19%)

Total of 140 votes

4 thoughts on “What Age Did You Drop the Swaddle Completely?”

  1. We are in the process of trying to drop the swaddle with our 5.5 month old. It is not going well. We have started by just taking her arms out for naps. The few times we have tried she never goes to sleep. She will lay in there for two hours and go back and forth between screaming and then tapering off into a whine. She normally does not cry for naps at all. Do you think that we should just go back to the full swaddle or is she just going to have to CIO until she learns to get to sleep without the swaddle? Anyone have experience with this?

  2. Hey I just saw your comment. Did you ask this somewhere else? It seems like I have seen it before. If not, someone else asked basically the same question :)Let me know if you still have questions–sorry about that!

  3. Any advice on how to break the swaddle? My daughter has decided (at 7 weeks) that she HATES it, but she can’t handle without it b/c her arms are so spastic. So I’m letting her CIO with no swaddle and instead of the usual 5-15 minute cry, she’s crying as long as I let her….for both of her naps today I’ve gotten her after an hour and put her in the swing to put her to sleep. Now she’s wailing again! Is it too young for her to get “used” to having her arms out? Should I stick it out for a few more days? She hates her tummy so I don’t know if tummy sleeping would work. Thanks for your help!

  4. Emily,I would either try different forms of swaddling (there are lots of different blankets out there) or try different degrees of the swaddle. One arm partially out, one arm fully out (and which one), one arm fully out with the other partialy…Find what is her preference. Good luck!


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