What was/is baby’s approximate optimal waketime length for 9-10 months? (includes feeding time)



75-90 minutes: 6 votes (4%)
1.5-1.75 hours: 11 votes (8%)
1.75-2 hours: 10 votes (7%)
2-2.25 hours: 20 votes (15%)
2.25-2.5 hours: 23 votes (17%)
2.5-3 hours: 35 votes (26%)
3-3.5 hours: 21 votes (15%)
3.5 hours or more: 6 votes (4%)

Total of 132 votes

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12 thoughts on “What was/is baby’s approximate optimal waketime length for 9-10 months? (includes feeding time)”

  1. My son is almost 11 months, I was wondering how much he should be eating. He eats a mix of stage 3 foods and table foods but I’m not sure what quantity is too much. I am lucky b/c he is a great eater and he doesn’t really refuse food.Also, do you sit your kids down for snacks? My son only eats 3 meals, and if we are out somewhere, I will give him crackers/drink.thanks!

  2. I am always amazed by these wake time polls! The majority of 9-10 month-olds are up for 2.5-3 hours? Lucas is 15 months and just recently stretched it out to 2 hours!Reds, have you read BW II? Chapter 3 talks about mealtimes. You might find your answer there.Maureen

  3. Reds,I’d just feed your LO until he is full. Most kids at this age are on three meals a day with a snack between lunch and dinner.When I give my son snacks at home he either sits on my lap or in his highchair. I don’t let him roam around. If we are out and about the rules vary a bit, though I usually have him sit in his stroller.

  4. thanks for your advice, it just seems like he’s never full! I’ll keep it going and incorporate a snack in the afternoon, I think that will help!thanks again!

  5. Reds,It really depends on the child. Brayden probably ate at least 4 times the amount of food as Kaitlyn per meal, but wasn’t a lot larger than she was percentile-wise.I think Brayden at a lot. You can see: Solids: How Much Food Will Baby Eat?: http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2007/12/solids-how-much-food-will-baby-eat.html to see how much he ate.As Rachel said, most kids will stop eating when they are full. There are some, however, that cannot regulate themselves and need to be regulated. What I would do is feed him until he is full and watch his weight. If it stays about what it has percentile-wise, then go by his cue. If it shoots up and his pedi is concerned, you will have to figure out the right amount and go with that. You also might want to check out the book Super Baby Food:(see the blog label Super Baby Food).For snacks, I don’t let them wander around, but they aren’t always sitting at the table. But they don’t roam at will while eating. I am a little too OCD for that :)While out, I think it is totally fine to give him snacks to hold him over and keep him happy. That would be in line with the context of the situation.Also, our snacks are in the morning between breakfast and lunch, but most do seem to do snacks between lunch and dinner like Rachel said.

  6. Maureen, his waketime is quite low for his age range. I would say these results are typical (though Kaitlyn was lower also). How did your doctor visit go this weekend?

  7. We have been doing BW since birth. My daugther is 10 months old and for the past month we've had napping issues. I can't seem to figure out the culprit. I'm guessing it's waketime but shorter and longer times haven't been working. Her schedule now is 7:15, 9:45 nap (ranges 1-1.75 hours), 11:30 eat, 1:45 nap (ranges 45 min – 2 hours), 3:30 snack, 5:15 bf/dinner, 7:30 bf & bed. Any suggestions? I'm going crazy without consistent nap lengths.

  8. Kelly,Has life been busy and disrupted with summer activities? Has temperature changed? Has she been working on new skills?The best thing to do in these situations is to think back to what things were like when she was sleeping well and what they are like now. What is different? If nothing is different, try extending waketime, but add only 5 minutes at a time and go from there. Also, be sure she isn't waking early in the morning. If so, she would need to go down earlier and be overly tired by the time morning nap comes around.

  9. My daughter is 9 months old, and her waketime is usually about 1 hour 45 minutes or 2 hours before she gets really fussy and tired acting. A good nap for her is about 1 hour 45 minutes, though most are shorter. Do I need to work on stretching out her waketime? Otherwise, I'm not sure that we'll ever get to a 4 hour schedule! 🙂

  10. Sarah, you can try it, but be careful. An overly tired baby will often wake early, so if naps get shorter, then go back to the shorter waketime.

  11. I have a question about these waketime lengths. My daughter will be 10 months on the 5th, and she is extending her waketime to about 2.25-2.5 hours. Shorter waketimes for her were giving us shorter naps (she's always been this way when she needs to extend her waketime…she's one of the rare ones 🙂 ). When she's up for 2.25 hours, she will consistently take the minimum nap and will actually sleep for 2 hours for at least one nap. This can put us at 5 hours between nursing sessions, though, and I don't really like that. How would you handle this?

  12. If she is up for 2.25 hours, then sleep 2 hours, that should put her at eating 4.25 hours right? I would just be sure to get her up at 2 hour of a nap. I think 4.25 hours is fine.


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