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Nearly two years ago, I told you about the book the Wonder Weeks. Since then, I have been increasingly impressed that often I see questions about “sudden fussiness” and “sudden sleep issues” that all fall in line with the Wonder Week age range. I know that in the Chronicles Google group, we are all well aware of the Wonder Weeks and talk about them often.

Someone from the Wonder Weeks contacted me with this comment:

We have made it easier for new moms (and dads) – and less expensive – to get a copy of the book. Due to overwhelmingly positive response and to meet the growing demand from American parents, The Wonder Weeks, which has been an international bestseller for years selling more than 1 million copies worldwide in 12 languages, is now readily available in the U.S. Las Semanas Mágicas, the Spanish-language version of the book, is also available.

The book can be purchased through our website (www.thewonderweeks.com), where you can also connect with us through Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve also launched an iPhone app, which can be found in the iTunes App store.


There is also a new version of the book–released in November of 2010: The Wonder Weeks. How to stimulate your baby’s mental development and help him turn his 10 predictable, great, fussy phases into magical leaps forward

I thought I would pass all of this information along to you! Anyone I know who has it loves the book. It is great to know why your baby is fussy and what she is about to be able to accomplish.

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