9 Ways to Be Happy

Life as a teen and life before getting married can be tumultuous, for many reasons. For me, one of those reasons was the unknown. I didn’t know who I would marry, when I would marry, IF I would marry, how many kids we would have, where we would live…I just didn’t really know what my life would look like in any way. I am am a planner and this was a source of much stress for me. It was a challenge to be content.

I found comfort in books that inspired me to be better. I could aim for the things I could control and not worry about the other stuff (as much…). One of these books was Way to Be! 9 Ways to Be Happy and Make Something of Your Life. This is a book I still own and it sits proudly on my book shelf. I look forward to handing this book to my own children to help them find peace, comfort, and power to be happy. This book was impactful enough on me that I have a list of these 9 “Be’s” right next to my door. It is the last thing my kids see before they leave the house.

1-Be Grateful “And yes, even thank Him for your struggles, for they will make you strong–if you

will let them” (page 20).
2-Be Smart “You cannot bluff or cheat others without bluffing or cheating yourself” (page 26).
3-Be Involved “Nothing of real substance comes without work” (page 38).
4-Be Clean “Everything does look better when it’s clean. And that includes us and the way we live our lives” (page 45).
5-Be True “Be true to others and to yourself by telling the truth. Become known as someone who is unfailingly honest” (page 77).
6-Be Positive “Criticism is the forerunner of divorce, the cultivator of rebellion, and sometimes a catalyst that leads to failure. I would like to suggest that we stop seeking out the storms of life and enjoy the sunlight” (page 83).
7-Be Humble “It means being teachable. It does not require us to be trampled upon. It means acknowledging where our strengths and abilities come from” (page 95).
8-Be Still “The world is so noisy. There are voices everywhere trying to influence us. We all need time to think. We need to drown out the clamor and noise and simply be quiet” (page 103).
9-Be Prayerful “You cannot do it alone” (page 109).

“The years will inevitably pass, and pass quickly. Today is your day of resolution. Promise yourself to make something good of the precious life that God has given you” (page 125).

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