Newborn Baby Life: Everything You Need to Know

Congratulations on your new baby! While this is a euphoric time, it is often also filled with doubt and even regret as you try to figure out how to be a parent. On this page, you will find all the info you need for newborn sleep success, newborn routine help, newborn wake windows, sleep training your newborn, playing with your newborn, and feeding your newborn!

Newborn baby sleeping
Newborn sleeping

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Newborn Sleep

If you have a newborn, you have questions about sleep. You are tired! You want to know what you need to do to get great sleep going. Start here with my newborn sleep hierarchy so you know what your priorities and goals need to be.

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Night Sleep
Sleep Training
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Newborn Sample Schedules

When you are trying to figure out a great schedule for your newborn, it will be very helpful for you to see schedules used by real newborns! Start here for sample schedules and routines for newborns. I also have weekly routine breakdowns for my youngest two children, linked just below.

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Newborn Wake Time (Wake Windows)

Understanding Wake Time and how to calculate it is VITAL for newborn routine success. If you want your baby to sleep well and be predictable, you must learn all you can about wake windows. Start with how to calculate baby wake time length.

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Newborn Feedings

You will have questions about everything with newborns, and feedings are no different. Don’t worry! I have a lot of answers for you! Start here to understand how long a newborn feeding should last.

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Night Feeds
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Newborn Playtime

In your daily newborn routine, you will follow an eat/wake/sleep routine. The “wake” is when play will happen. However, a newborn might only be able to handle eating and a diaper change before it is time to sleep again. Here are some newborn toys and activities for when you can have some play time.


Newborn Night Sleep

Some newborns are born great sleepers and others take some time. A very common sleep issues for newborns at night is known as day/night confusion. This is when your newborn wants to sleep all day and be awake at night. Learn how to fix that here.

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Baby Joins a Family

When you have a new baby, you want to find a balance where the family makes sacrifices for the newborn and at times the newborn makes sacrifices for the family. Read all about that balance here.

 The Babywise Mom Nap Guide

The Babywise Mom Nap Guide

The Babywise Mom Nap Guide eBook helps you establish successful naps from birth through the preschool years. It is a great resource!

Gary Ezzo, co-author of Preparation For Parenting and On Becoming Babywise, states: “Whether it is talking about establishing good nap behavior or offering solutions to sleep disruptions, this is a practical resource that I trust and recommend. The book is well laid out and answers just about every question a new or seasoned mom might have about babies, toddlers and sleep. We view this as more than a nap guided; it is a resource of encouragement that comes with compassion.”

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More Newborn Help

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Here is all of the newborn information you need broken down into categories.

Newborn Awake Time

Newborn Feedings

Newborn Naps

Newborn Night Sleep

Newborn Schedules

Newborn Sleep

Newborn Sleep Training

Newborn Wake Windows (Wake Time)

Newborn Information and Tips

Newborn Preparation

Brinley Newborn Summaries

A list of all of the baby newborn summaries for Brinley. Get a week by week summary of what is going on and a typical weekly schedule and routine for a newborn baby.

McKenna Newborn Summary Posts

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