5 Reasons I Love On Becoming Babywise

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Reasons to Love On Becoming Babywise. The benefits of Babywise and why it can work well to get baby on a consistent schedule and sleeping well for naps and nighttime.

Reasons to Love On Becoming Babywise. The benefits of Babywise and why it can work well to get baby on a consistent schedule and sleeping well for naps and nighttime.

On Becoming Babywise has many perks and benefits. Babywise has been such a blessing in our lives as as family. It has given us sleep, it has given me time to do all of the things I need to as a mother, it has given us order and predictability, and it has empowered us to easily have many children. As my children have grown older and face issues that feel much bigger than sleep, I have realized Babywise has allowed us to freedom to focus on larger matters since sleep is covered so well that we don’t have to worry about it. Today I share 5 reasons I love Babywise and why we have stuck with it through all four of our children.

Benefits of Following On Becoming Babywise

1-We all get the sleep we need

In the early days, before we started Babywise, we didn’t sleep much. At all. Once we implemented Babywise, sleep immediately improved. I went from waking multiple times a night with my oldest baby to him only waking once a night almost immediately. It was amazing! I was able to get great sleep from there on out as a mother and my children have all had healthy and adequate sleep throughout their growing years to date. Today, we all get the sleep we need. As a mom, I get enough sleep each night. That helps me be a patient, kind, engaged, and productive mother the next day. I am the best mom I can be.


There are people like to criticize mothers for wanting to sleep. I stand up, unashamed, and say I want to get sleep each night. I want that not because I am selfish, but because I want to be able to care for my children at my optimal level during the day. Through implementing Babywise, we have all been able to get the most sleep we could over the years.


To this day, sleep is still something we respect as a family and work to protect and preserve. My children are well rested for school the next day and it shows. See How Healthy Sleep Principles Have Benefited My Children from Infancy to Preteen for more on that.


2-Independent playtime

Oh my goodness I love Independent Playtime! Independent Playtime is when your child plays alone each day for about an hour. Alone. Without you. Why has this been a benefit? For each child, it has been a time for the child to learn to problem solve and self entertain. These are invaluable skills in life.


It has also benefited our family. When I brought home a new baby and had a 22 month old toddler at home, that hour each day was a time I could focus on my new baby–just the two of us spending some time alone each day. Toddlers are demanding, but because of naps and independent play, I was able to give great focus to my babies.


It has been a great time for siblings to get a break from each other as they have gotten older. They all love each other and love spending time together, but we humans all need some time apart at times. 3 months of summer break is long, so having an hour each day to go our separate ways and have some alone time is a great relationship saver. It helps the children get along throughout the day together.

I have also loved it as my children get older even when they are home alone. As a youngest child, Brinley easily gets bored being home without her siblings home with her to play with. Each afternoon, she does some Independent Playtime and it helps her fill her time with something other than technology to get her through until siblings get home from school. I also find it very helpful for when anyone is feeling super emotional and just needs some time alone to chill out. See Benefits of Independent Play for more on the reasons I love this facet of Babywise.


3-Order and predictability in our days

I love to know what is coming. I have found my children do, too. Having a routine each day is a sanity saver for me and a comfort for my children. Starting life with a routine and continuing it as my children have grown has helped them feel secure. Some of my children are more particular about predictability than others, but all of them have thrived with having this predictability in their lives. See Benefits of Structure and Routine for more on that.


4-We have added babies with little stress

Remember what I said above about sleep and independent play? Also the predictability? Each time we have brought a new baby home, we have been able to do so with very little stress. I have been able to carry on as almost usual (while adopting our new normal) while still caring for a new baby. We add that baby into our routine and family structure and adjust to our new normal. The children still get their naps and independent play. They still get time with me because the baby is on a routine. Life changes, but it doesn’t turn on its head. See Welcoming Baby to the Family and Baby Joins a Family {AND} Family Adds a Baby for more on that.

Reasons to Love On Becoming Babywise. The benefits of Babywise and why it can work well to get baby on a consistent schedule and sleeping well for naps and nighttime.


5-We are able to focus on bigger matters

I often talk about the benefits I see in my older children today. I am so glad that we have things like sleeping and basic obedience down so that when bigger life matters come up, we are able to focus on those concerns and not be trying to figure out how to get our child to sleep through the night and how to deal with mean kids at school. Those basic details were dealt with years ago so we are able to add the new challenges of life as they come without being completely overwhelmed. The simple concept of “Mom, not baby, decides” is one lacking among many parents today. My children are accustomed to that policy from birth, so when things come up as preteens, they already know the parents are in charge. See Benefits of Babywise in Older Children for more on this benefit.



There are many benefits to using On Becoming Babywise. These are just five of my favorite. I have no doubt there are even benefits I don’t even realize are there. Getting baby to sleep well is a great and valuable benefit of following Babywise, but it is just the tip of the ice burg and the starting point in the benefits it will bring to your family over the years.

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