Parenting Book Reviews

Read all about some of my favorite parenting books and why they make great reads.

Nurture Shock Book {Blog Index}

Book Recommendation: Nurture Shock Building Positive Self- Esteem The Importance of Free Play Time {and ideas for fitting it in} Praise Effort, Not Results Why Kids Lie (and what to do… View Post

A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children

I have always considered my children to be smart and at times the most amazing child to have walked the earth in recent history–maybe even ever. But I am a… View Post

Book Review: Brain Rules

I recently finished reading the book Brain Rules by John Medina (which I am pretty sure one of you readers recommended to me, so thank you!). I loved this book. It was… View Post

Book Review: Raising Cain

Brayden can be hard to get to talk. If you spend several hours with him one-on-one, he will start to jabber on and on, which is great, but with four… View Post

Book Recommendation: Nurture Shock

Every so often, I read a parenting book that I absolutely love. One that I think all parents would benefit from reading. One is of course Babywise. Another very helpful… View Post

Book Review: Free-Range Kids

I just finished reading  Free-Range Kids  by Lenore Skenazy.   The premise of this book is that as a society, we have become too over-protective over our children and not allowing… View Post

Book Review: Shepherding A Child’s Heart

I have had several requests to read and review Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp. Let me say, this will be a mixed review.   On the one hand, this… View Post