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Play time is the “wake” portion of your eat/wake/sleep cycle. During your playtime, you want to challenge and stimulate your child, but you do not want to OVER stimulate your little one. Get ideas for what to include in the playtime part of your day, how to structure it, and what toys are great for every age!

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Independent Playtime

Get a full overview on independent playtime. Learn all about independent playtime and its benefits as well as how to implement it and solve any problems. Get information for independent play at all ages and tips for getting started at an older age.

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Structured Playtime

You need structured play as part of your day every day. Understand what structured playtime is and when to plan those structured playtime activities into your child’s day each day.

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Importance of Free Playtime

Free play is a very undervalued part of a child’s day. Free play is a vital part of a child’s development, and while it is “free” play and unstructured, they do a lot of learning.

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Blanket Time

Blanket time is a helpful tool to help you teach your child to respect boundaries. It can be a nice quiet time that is structured each day. Find out what is blanket time, the benefits of blanket time, how to implement blanket time, and what to do if baby resists blanket time.

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Best Toys for 0-3 Months Old

I have toy and gift ideas for you for every age (even up to teenagers). Get toy ideas for your newborn here!

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Structured Playtime with Siblings

Giving your children time to play with each other each day is a great way to help foster a true friendship. Read all about how to do sibling playtime here.

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Learning Time

You will want to have some learning time as part of your day each day. This can be very, very simple! Almost everything is learning opportunity for your kids.

Babes, Tots, and Kids. 52 weeks of homeschool preschool

Babes, Tots, and Kids: 52 Weeks of Preschool

This is another invaluable resource. This is an eBook I co-authored. It has 52 weeks of preschool you can do from home. It is for ages baby on up through Kindergarteners. We have written it so you can do it with all of those ages at the same time, so it is perfect for moms of multiple kids or of course even just one child at a time can do it. We spent years writing this! You will love it.

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