Everything You Need to Know for Your Baby

This page has everything you need to get your 3-12 month old sleeping well and on a solid schedule. There is also information to help with playtime and feeding time. There is even information to help you start as you mean to go on and be prepared for toddler years!

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Baby Sleep

One of the main topics on the mind of baby parents is sleep. I have a lot of information on naps, night sleep, and sleep training. I also have a lot of information on troubleshooting sleep problems. The best wassssss to have success is through prevention, so I also have a lot of education on how to to set baby up for sleep success.

Nap Help
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Night Sleep
Sleep Training
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Baby Sample Schedules

When you are trying to figure out a great schedule for your baby, it will be very helpful for you to see schedules used by real babies! Start here for sample schedules and routines for babies. I also have weekly routine breakdowns for my youngest two children; you can see those in the scrolling carousel below.

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Optimal Wake Time Lengths

Understanding Wake Time and how to calculate it is VITAL for babyroutine success. If you want your baby to sleep well and be predictable, you must learn all you can about wake windows. Start with everything you need to know about baby wake time length.

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Sleep Regressions

Slesep regressions are really hard to deal with because you have spent so much time getting sleep down and along comes a sleep regression. These are VERY NORMAL. There are things you can to do to help baby get through them as easily as possible.

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4 Month Regression
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5-8 Month Regression
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8-10 Month Regression
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Independent Playtime

Did you know that you can actually get your baby to play independently? As in alone??? It is possible and something that I HIGHLY encourage.

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Baby Sign Language

Teaching your baby sign language has many benefits. Babies can understand far more than they can express verbally. Sign language gives them a way to communicate. One of the biggest benefits to teaching baby sign language is that you can avoid tantrums now and in the future.

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Teaching Baby to Listen to “No”

Did you know you can actually get a baby to listen to you when you tell them no? And if it works for a baby, it works for toddlers, too! Teaching your baby to listen to the word “no” is possible! Baby can understand what no means and respond appropriately. This post discusses how to accomplish this.

 The Babywise Mom Nap Guide

The Babywise Mom Nap Guide

The Babywise Mom Nap Guide eBook helps you establish successful naps from birth through the preschool years. It is a great resource!

Gary Ezzo, author of On Becoming Babywise, said: “Whether it is talking about establishing good nap behavior or offering solutions to sleep disruptions, this is a resource that Dr. Robert Bucknam and I trust. The book is well laid out and answers just about every question a new or seasoned mom might have about babies, toddlers and sleep. We view this as more than a nap guided; it is a resource of encouragement that comes with compassion.”

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More Baby Help

The Babywise Mom Book of Logs eBook cover

The Babywise Mom Book of Logs

Babywise Mom book of tracking sheets to keep track of everything you need to know to get your baby on a fabulous schedule and sleeping well. I always recommend to keep a log while you are problem solving, and even while you are simply starting something new. It is much easier to analyze the situation when you have the data to look at and compare.


Here is all of the newborn information you need broken down into categories.

Baby Awake Time

Baby Feedings

Short Baby Naps

Dropping Baby Naps

Baby Nap Help

Baby Night Sleep

Sample Baby Schedules

Baby Schedules Tips and Help

Schedule and Sleep Disruptions

Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep Training

Baby Sleep Regressions

Baby Wake Windows (Wake Time)

Baby Crying

Baby Information and Tips

Baby Discipline

Baby Personalities

Baby Medical Concerns

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