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Sample schedules help you visually see how to set up your day. This page has everything you need for sample schedules from newborns through teens!

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Sample Baby Schedules by Month

Get the info you need for every month of babyies life. I have a dedicated post to each month that lets you know how many feedings and naps your baby should have and what othe schedule events you can expect that month. This post covers 0-4 weeks. From this post, you can get to every month in the first year.

Newborn Summaries

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Sample Schedules 0-12 Months

If you want to see sample schedules for 0-12 months all in one place, this is the post for you! There are over 100 sample schedules in this one spot.

Baby Summaries

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Sample 4 Hour Schedules

Find over 52 different sample 4 hour schedules used by real babies. Get ideas for how to structure your baby’s day and have a great routine.

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Babywise Sample Schedules: 12-15 Months

Sample schedules for 12-15 month old pretoddlers using the Babywise method. Know what milestones to expect and how to shift the schedule for your young toddler.

PreToddler Summaries

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Sample Schedules for 1-3 Year Olds

Are you looking for schedule ideas for your toddler? This post is FULL of sample schedules for toddlers age 12-36 months old!

Toddler Summaries

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4 Year Old Sample Schedules

Sample schedules for your 4-year-old to follow each day. These are real routines used by real families, so you know they work!

Preschooler Summaries

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Sample Schedules for Multiple Kids

You work really hard to get a routine down for one child, and then you add a second baby to the mix. Don’t worry! I have guidance for you on how to get those schedule to work with each other even with more than one child. Find out how to set up your schedule to work with more than one child.

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Schedules for 2 Kids
3 children: Preschooler, toddler, and baby
Schedules for 3 Kids
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Add Baby to Family

Child Summaries

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Block Schedules for Older Kids

Block schedules are great for older kids. It is an easy way to maintain some structure and still give older kids independence and the ability to manage themselves.

Tween Summaries

Teen Summaries

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Schedules with Siblings

Schedules with Older Kids

Nighttime Schedules

Mom’s Daily Schedule

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