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Get all of the tips you need to have a successful schedule or routine. Get schedule tips for newborns, babies, toddlers, and older kids! Find out how to make a schedule so it works for everyone in the family. You can also see how to handle the disruptions that are sure to come.

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Newborn Routines: Sleep, Schedules, and Play

Get newborn sleep routine tips, schedule routine tips, and play routine tips.

Newborn routines to help your new baby sleep well. Tips for getting a solid routine or schedule down and what to do during play time.

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Tricks for Getting Baby on a Consistent Schedule

There are several things you need to do to set up a consistent schedule or routine each day. You really can get something in place that is predictable from day to day. Your baby will get up at the same time each day, take naps at the same times, and have bedtime at the same time. Remember your day will consist of three components: Eat, Wake (play), and Sleep.

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Sample Schedules for Multiple Kids

You work really hard to get a routine down for one child, and then you add a second baby to the mix. Don’t worry! I have guidance for you on how to get those schedule to work with each other even with more than one child. Find out how to set up your schedule to work with more than one child.

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Schedules for 2 Kids
3 children: Preschooler, toddler, and baby
Schedules for 3 Kids
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Add Baby to Family
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Flexible-izing a Baby: Help Baby Be Flexible

12 rules to help your baby be more flexible. This will help you when going out, traveling, visiting family, and taking older kids to their activities. These tips will help your baby have more grace in the face of missing naps and being off the schedule.

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When and How to Move Baby to 4 Hour Schedule

One of the most common questions I get is from people wondering when their baby can move to a 4 hour schedule. Once your baby is happily eating every three hours and you seem to always need to wake her up to eat, it may be time to move from a three hour schedule to the four hour schedule. Read on to see if your baby is ready.

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How to Plan Your Perfect Babywise Routine

How to plan your baby’s schedule to work with everyone else in the family. Learn an easy process to set up a Babywise schedule that will work!

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What Time to Start Each Day
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Feeding Sooner than 2.5 hrs.
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Bedtime Routine Tips and Info
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Starting a Schedule Late?

You can start a baby schedule or routine at any age! If you are trying to establish a predicatble schedule or routine with your baby, you MUST follow this tip to get there quickly.

The Babywise Mom Book of Logs eBook cover

Babywise Mom Book of Logs

Babywise Mom book of tracking sheets to keep track of everything you need to know to get your baby on a fabulous schedule and sleeping well.

This is my Book of Logs PDF. This is invaluable to troubleshooting naps, night, and other problems you encounter with a baby.

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