Posts to help you with your multiples! Information for Babywise with twins and information for Babywise with triplets. A baby schedule is so helpful for multiples!

How to Have Successful Independent Playtime for Twins

How to get your twins to play independently each day. This is great for giving twins some time alone.    Independent playtime is important for all children, but it is… View Post

Babywise and Twins: Consistency Wins

Last year I submitted a Babywise Success Story talking about how I discovered Babywise and the impact it’s had on my parenting. At the time I wrote it, my twins were… View Post

Tips to get solid twin naps

By Kimberly Cartwright I hear all the time how lucky I am that all my children nap at the same time.  I am blessed with decent sleepers, but that is… View Post

Five Tips for Getting Twins on a Schedule

  If you’ve recently been or are currently pregnant with twins, you’ve probably gotten lots of unsolicited advice from people who know someone who had twins about the importance of getting them… View Post

Twinning Babywise

My name is Cole, and I am mom to 4 children: Vera (3.5), Abel (1.5), and twins Mercedes and Samuel (7 weeks). My sister in law gave me a copy… View Post

Babywise Success- 2 year old and 5 month old twins

by Kimberly Team Cartwright   I am a Babywise quitter.  Yep, I said it.  I started with it when my son was born, then quit for a few months.  I… View Post

Babywise Tips for Newborn Twins

  by Kim Cartwright   I can still remember the moment the moment my doctor told me we were having twins.  I’m fairly certain my first response was to tell… View Post