Discipline and Correction

Learn effective ways to correct your children and teach them to obey. You can start obedience teaching as young as with your baby! Learn tips for correcting and training children of all ages, from baby through teen years.

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Discipline 101: The basics of correcting children

When correcting your children and teaching them to listen to you, there are some basic things you need to know. This post has simple things parents can do to help their children learn to obey and behave. 

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Too Many Freedoms
Child talking back to parent
Wise in Own Eyes
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Ask and Tell
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Teaching Your Baby to Listen to “No”

Did you know you can actually get a baby to listen to you when you tell them no? And if it works for a baby, it works for toddlers, too! Teaching your baby to listen to the word “no” is possible! Baby can understand what no means and respond appropriately. This post discusses how to accomplish this.

Screaming toddler or baby

The Screaming Non-Verbal Baby/Toddler

As your little one gets older, you will find you face many fits because your little one just can’t communicate yet. Tips for stopping the tantrums, screaming, and crying when you have a non-verbal toddler. Often these tantrums stem from frustration for lack of ability to communicate.

Baby brinley throwing tantrum

Help with Tantrums

While tantrums are very normal, that does not mean you have to let them happen without any sort of a response. There are many layers to dealing with a tantrum.

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Mini Fit Tantrums
Child having a tantrum with parent kneeling down
Choice Addiction
Child having a tantrrum
Public Tantrums
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Natural Consequences vs. Grace for Kids

Consequences are super effective in teaching children to listen and follow the rules. When your child makes a mistake or disobeys, should you always apply natural or logical consequences or should you use grace? Find out in this post.

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The Power of “Yes Mommy”

One of the best methods for getting kids to listen to you is using “Yes, Mommy.” This is an effective solution to get first-time obedience. Requiring that simple response can change how well your child listens to you.

Phrases To Help You Keep Your Cool

It can be hard to keep your own emotional response in check when your children do not listen. These phrases help you keep your cool and avoid losing your own temper as well as giving you a quick method to turn to in a heated moment. 7 Phrases That Help You Avoid Losing Your Temper as a Parent. Have these phrases ready to use so you can respond with patience and consistency.

My strong-willed McKenna at age 4

Strong Willed Kids

A strong-willed child can be difficult to parent, but there are many things to love about having a strong-willed child. Read for my top 6.


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