Disciple Delay Tactics {BFBN Discipline Week}


” “I’m going to count to three! One….two….three….four…

“If you don’t come here right now, you’re going to get a spanking!”

“You don’t want to come? Okay, I’m leaving without you… here we go….I’m walking out the door…”

These, among many others, are discipline delay tactics. On the surface, the purpose of these statements is to offer the child a second chance to obey, but in actuality the point is release the parent from the responsibility of disciplining. Discipline isn’t fun for the child or the parent, so they are hoping to avoid it by giving the child more opportunities to obey.”

Ouch! Does that hit close to home? Does that prick your heart as a parent? Sometimes our intentions (wanting to give the child a second chance) are really fulfilling an unintended life lesson that we don’t actually want to teach.

Today Cole is talking about Discipline Delay Tactics and how to achieve first time obedience instead of delays.

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