Happy Baby, Happy Parents

Before our son was born, a good friend of mine mailed me a beat up old copy of BW and swore that it was and continued to be the reason her children (now 6 and 10 years old) slept so well. When Charlie arrived, as new parents we were just trying to find our way. I assumed because he was so young, I was breastfeeding,  and that I was on maternity leave, I didn’t need to really worry about a  schedule just yet and let him eat/sleep without any kind of consistency. I had supply issues that forced me to stop breastfeeding at 5 weeks and at my husband’s prompting we decided to implement the BW schedule at that time. Charlie took to it immediately and I realized that for the past 5 weeks I  was not allowing him to sleep as much as he should be! By 7 weeks of age he was sleeping through the night in his crib in his own room. Although I had prepared myself for it, there was never really a big CIO period and he continues to go down for naps and bed time easily. He loves his crib, wakes up with a smile and can play/sing in there independently. Everyone considers Charlie to be a happy baby and tell us all the time how “lucky” we are that we have such a good baby. We try to explain to them that it is not luck, it is taking the time to implement the BW schedule that has made for such a  happy baby. I don’t need to tell you that happy baby means happy, well-rested parents! We never went through a time where we were exhausted from being up all night with him. BW was a lifesaver for us and has helped with a smooth transition to parenthood!



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  1. I am a proud babywise mom who has recently run into a snag. I had everything going great with my 5 month old, 2 good naps going down no problem and one short one around dinner time. BUT napping was happening in a bouncy chair. So I finally did the transition and still am not back on an ideal schedule. Naps are way short and too short so by the time it time to feed she is already overtired. We have been on a four hour eating schedule for quite some time. So I am so excited to try and get some advise from you. Should I continue to hope for the best or do you think I should go to 3 hr eating schedule to help with napping. She is still sleeping thru the night but waking early due to being overtired day after day. Help!


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