Babywise Success

Ada shares her journey as a mom of two. Just read how at peace she is!


After 2.5 years with the -wise series, we are still reaping the benifits of such a wonderful parenting tool. My number one with the -wise series is the sleep factor. Both of my girls (2.5 and 5 months) have slept 12 hours per night since 13 weeks. What a lifesaver! I can be a better mom and wife when I have a full ngihts rest and time to spend with my husband. Because my children get such quality sleep, they are also very attentive and happy kids. My girls wake up with smiles on their faces and happy hearts, both in the morning and after rest time. Another blessing from our parenting has been teaching “self-control” (putting hands together) to our oldest daughter, Chloe. Whether she is about to touch something that is a “no-no”, or working herself up for a tantrum, just instructing her to get self control helps her reign herself in. I have even witnessed her contemplating doing something that is off limits in our house, and she will just put her sweet hands together to get self control. I cannot think of a better gift for my children than to TEACH them about self-control. You can look around at our world today and see the lack of it, even in adults. We also taught Chloe sign language (and are about to start with Olivia) to help her communicate before she could talk. That way, she could tell us what she wanted and fits have never been a part of our life! 🙂 She also talks in 8-10 word sentences at 2.5 years old.
We have a very peaceful home. Its a place my husband loves coming to after a long day at work, not more hours of his day to dread. He has a wife that has time and energy to love on him and invest in our relationship. We do have our share of discipline issues, but because we start training our children in the right things to do at a young age, they make each day even more enjoyable than the last. When we start baby food (around 7 months or so) we instruct “hands on table” and place their hands where they belong. Chloe caught on in a day or two. She would plop those sweet chubby hands down and open her mouth like a baby bird. I could feed her in public and not worry about it being all over ALL of us!! I wanted to add that we didn’t have any problems with breastfeeding either. I nursed Chloe for 22 months and we are going strong at 5 months with Olivia.
Because we have learned to be consistant in every aspect of our day, and impliment things such as room time, and structured play time with mom, etc. our home runs very smoothly and efficently. We all have happy hearts (most of the time) Our children know what to expect. They are showered with love and joy every day as we train them to be like Christ. They are secure knowing that there are boundaries, and that mom and dad will be consistant with upholding those boundaries! Because of the ground work laid from birth on, there will be much joy in our future together as we embark on homeschooling and growing together!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your success story! My daughter Blake just turned one and we have also enjoyed the beauty of her sleeping 12 hrs. Babywise gave us a great guide and tool for those early months… your post reminded me to stick with good principles as she is now roaming all over the place…time to break out Toddlerwise! Thanks again for sharing!


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