Why I Love Babywise

Here is a story from long time blog reader, a mother of two, on why she loves Babywise.


I love Babywise because it gave me confidence as a first time mom. I read the book before my baby was born and as soon as we came home from the hospital, I had an idea of how my day was going to go with a baby. Making each feeding a “full feeding” helped me to recognize my baby’s needs. When she fussed shortly after a feeding, I had confidence she was tired, and not hungry. Establishing a routine of eat, wake, sleep allowed me to when in the day I would have a chance to shower, eat, and sleep. I also felt more confident going out in those early weeks. I knew that my baby would sleep in her car seat while we were out and I had a block of time to run errands before I needed to be home for the next feeding. Not all days were easy and predicable, but there was a rhythm to our days and the bumps worked themselves out in time.
I love Babywise because it helped me make the transition from being a mother of one child to a mother of two. It helped me figure out how how I would have time to meet the needs of both of my children. My toddler already had structure to her day and I was able to fit the basic 2.5-3 hour routine of Babywise for my baby right into it. I had a plan for how I would keep my toddler occupied for each of the baby’s feedings because I knew approximately when they would happen during the day. I knew there would be a window of time each day where we could get out of the house and do something my toddler enjoyed. This kept our whole family happier and calmer during this time of transition.
Jennifer B.

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