Brinley Preschooler Summary {4 Years and 1 Month}

This is a summary for Brinley in her first month as a four year old.



Sleep was so great. She has been going to sleep so cheerfully ever since I told her she wasn’t allowed to get upset at nap time. She is still doing so well with that. 



Eating is very normal. Brinley has a funny quirk. She always thinks she is very, very hungry at the beginning of a meal. She will tell you a long list of everything she wants to eat at the meal. She goes down a long list and never makes it past her first meal planned at the meal. 



Swimming lessons is also going very well! She is swimming around and enjoying it so much! 



Dance started for Brinley this month. This year, she has two of her good friends in her dance class with her. She is excited about that, and I am too because carpool




Oh summer. We had a lot of fun. But I was SO GLAD to see it end. Brinley needed more structure and consistency all around. I mean, summer can really get to be unpredictable, but you add in the Olympics at the end of summer and everything just goes out the window. 





Each Sunday, we go through the family calendar. the week that the older kids started school, I said that  school started that week. Brinley cheered and threw her arms in the air. I quickly told her, oh sweetie, not for you yet. The tears immediately came streaming down her face. She will start preschool soon, but it wasn’t in this month. Needless to say, she is so excited. She asks each day when school starts. 


She does like to wear her backpack everywhere to make herself feel better. School will start. Just not yet. 





When Kailtyn was four, she was super, super emotional. Super. Upon asking around, I quickly realized this is very common for girls to be emotional as four year olds. Oh my. I am not a pro at dealing with emotions.


McKenna was not an emotional four year old. 


I figured Brinley would take the emotional path. She is more similar to Kaitlyn in that way. 


I was correct.


She can literally be in tears one second and laughing hysterically the next. Literally (and I know how to use that word correctly). It is pretty amazing. I have to just find it amusing. 


The upside of the emotional four year old is that she shares her happy emotions. She tells me, “Mama, I love when you hug me because it makes my heart grow bigger and bigger!” She may cry a lot, but she also loves a lot. 




Here is what was pretty consistent for summer:

8:30 or 9:00–wake up/get ready/eat breakfast
9:30–play with siblings
usually independent play for an hour in between now and lunch
12:00 –lunch. Then play.
4:30 or 5:00–Wake up. Eat dinner. Then family time.
8:00–Get ready for bedtime
8:30 or 9:00–Bedtime

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