McKenna Preschooler Summary: 4 Years and 1 Month

Daily routine for this 4 year old who has been raised on Babywise. Find out what daily life was like and find a 48 month old preschooler schedule to follow. Get tips for diffusing tantrums and fits and getting your preschooler to stay in Independent Playtime.

McKenna holding Birnley

“They” say that at birthdays and half birthdays, children become challenging. Something comes up, usually in a discipline area.

For McKenna, this month she really started to push limits. She tried just about each rule to see if it was still enforced.

I have a phrase I use with McKenna, “No means no.” I use this when she argues when I have said now (or when she simply continues doing something when I have said no). At least “no means no” usually stops her in her tracks.

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Happily, by the end of the month, she seemed to be over her intense need to test and push the limits around her. 


Eating was more normal this month.


Sleeping is going on as it has been.


McKenna has been doing really well with watching the clock for independent play. When I give her the time she can get out, she stays put. 

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Remember how she was scared to swim and then swam for Brinley? After that, Kaitlyn spent a lot of time talking with McKenna and convinced her to swim with her teacher.

I had also purchased a new swimming suit for her, in her favorite color of orange, but told her she needed to swim with teacher if she wore it. She did it! Hopefully the trend continues.

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At church one day, McKenna decided she wanted the orange pen that Kaitlyn had (remember how that is her favorite color?).

We told her she couldn’t just demand what she wants. She was upset and wouldn’t stop insisting she should get the orange pen. She was being quiet enough the whole congregation couldn’t hear her, but loud enough the people right around us could.

I told her if she didn’t stop, she would go in the hall. The hall is not a fun place for our kids. They have to sit on my lap and do nothing. She didn’t want to do that, but not enough to stop herself from demanding the orange pen.

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I took her out in the hall and she lost it. She started yelling that she didn’t want to go in the hall and I had to carry her out of the chapel.


We sat in the hall for a few minutes until she calmed down. Then I told her she needed to be happy before we went back in.

I told her a frown didn’t look good with her dress; a smile matched much better. That worked! HA! She walked back in the chapel beaming. It had only been a few minutes, too.

It must have been amusing for others to see her leave yelling and come back a few minutes later with a smile. 


8:30–Wake up and eat breakfast. Get ready. She then can play with siblings. 
9:30– Chores then play with Brinley.
10:30–Independent Playtime
11:30–Time with Mommy
1:00–Play with Kaitlyn. Learning activities.
4:30—TV Time/Computer time 
6:00–Family Activities
7:00–Get ready for bed



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