Brinley Summary: 4 Years 4 Months Old

This is a summary for Brinley in her fourth month as a four year old.


Brinley rarely ever sleeps at nap time these days. It amazes me how quickly they can just be done napping! She does have rest time each day, and amazingly, if she does not have her rest time, she is an emotional wreck in the evening. She seems to need that time alone in the afternoon to just sit still.


Eating is the same. A fun and quirky thing about Brinley is the whole time she is eating, she goes, “Mmmmmmm” as she chews. She sure knows how to make someone feel good about their cooking! Haha.


Brinley is still in a mild phase of life where not much is going on. She takes dance once a week and has preschool three times per week. She also has her playgroup once a week. It is all going well. She is overjoyed every day that she has preschool. She literally jumps for joy and claps her hands each day.

A big part of her life is tagging along to the activities of her siblings. Over four weeks, we had fall basketball, and it was 2 games each Saturday for each child. We only had Kaitlyn and Brayden do fall basketball. So 4-5 hours depending on if there was a break in between or not. Brinley was a total champ! I wasn’t sure how she would handle hanging out in a gym for 4 hours at a time, but she handled it well. One week we had a swim meet for four hours first, then two hours of basketball (Kaitlyn’s games were during the meet). That week, I let her do some screen time during the last two games. I don’t usually allow electronics during things like that, but sometimes I make an exception.


Brinleys birthday is in the late summer, and of course that is a crazy and busy time of life. Because of that, I decided I would just wait until school started to make her doctor appointment. I called in when school started, and they were months out! We have always gotten in within a week or two. So we didn’t make it in until this month. She was great. She was 75% for height, 50% for weight, and everything checked out. She got her Kindergarten shots. She was SO BRAVE! She got four different injections and she didn’t even cry until number three. She said, “Hey! That hurts!” and started to cry. We had been watching the Daniel Tiger episode where he gets a shot, and I really think that helped her be brave. Here is her before and after:


Brinley is doing well in preschool and her teacher says she is a joy to have around.


This time frame is really quite benign in my experience. When McKenna was this old, I forgot to do a summary for a few months because there wasn’t much to report. I want you to know, however, that these months come where you look back and it went by without major changes or adjustments. Things change so much with babies and even toddlers from month to month that it is so nice to have some time once in a while where things don’t change.


Here is what was pretty consistent for non-school days:

8:30 or 9:00–wake up/get ready/eat breakfast
9:30–play with siblings
usually independent play for an hour in between now and lunch
12:00 –lunch. Then play.
4:30 or 5:00–Wake up. Eat dinner. Then family time.
8:00–Get ready for bedtime
8:30 or 9:00–Bedtime

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