A Learning Babywise Advocate

Here is our next story from Cassie Lyn. She shares her thoughts as a mother preparing to use Babywise.


I wanted to write in my thoughts about Babywise to those out there who are preparing to be mothers. I am an Education major and have studied child development for two years. My husband and I actually don’t have children yet. Which, you might think is a little weird that I follow Babywise, but the principals taught are important to me even if I don’t have experience with them yet. Ezzo comments on the importance of observation in his preface and that is exactly what I am doing. Many of the general principals on stability, routine, and management are related to effective strategies that I’ve been taught in my school studies. With these strategies – I’ve had success with in the classroom and hope to as a parent.

Aside from my school studies, “On Becoming Babywise” is one of my favorite books that I’ve used to prepare to become a mother. I have found that the more I review this book the more confident I am to take on the challenges of being a mother. I am especially drawn to the first chapter regarding the essential need for a stable family.

While discussing “Chelsea” and the necessity of carrying out parental roles Ezzo says, “Chelsea, in turn, acquires the sense that she belongs to something bigger than herself. She belongs to a family with predetermined guidelines and firmly established order.” Is this not similar for all of us in an eternal perspective? We are all part of a pre-determined plan with strict order. As we realize this we build relationships that are meaningful with the Lord. The order is for us to learn how to progress and establish who we are. For those of you who aren’t religious – this quote is still of significant worth because I believe Ezzo makes an important effort to make sure the reader understands the importance of your child’s place in your family. I love this concept because, as a parent, the responsibility to teach your child his or her role can make such an impact on their lives.

Babywise has done so much to help me prepare. I highlight and write all over the columns to make sure I can easily find what I need when the time comes for not only my first child, but the many that will come after. I encourage everyone to read and thoroughly study it. It has given me the motivation to continuing preparing and also establish more routines in my personal life. I’m excited to implement BW in the future and am thankful for all those mothers out there that I can learn from.

-Cassie Lynn http://mcshepshep.blogspot.com/

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