Why I Love Babywise

Here is the next story from reader EB.


When I was pregnant my husband and I went through the “Preparation for Parenting” book with another couple from our church. When my daughter was born I started from day one scheduling her to eat, play, sleep on a 3 hour schedule. The thing I loved about Babywise was that it gave me the tools I needed to give my baby, and my life a routine that could be predictable, but also flexible. Life is cannot be completely scheduled, but to set my little girl’s “body clock” in a way that worked with our lives, and our family made everything so much easier. As she got older I realized she was not a good sleeper. For me I was nursing and I was the “bottle” so at 2am, when she woke up screaming, I had a hard time getting her back to sleep, when all she wanted was to nurse. We called her the “sleepless wonder” because she was happy as could be, but wasn’t sleeping like the book said she would. She was not a “typical” child, but that actually makes me all the more glad that I followed this book, because had I not, who knows if we would have gotten any sleep that first year. Because of Babywise I knew what it was I needed to do to get where I wanted to be and by the time my little girl was 8 months old,(after many nights of giving up and just nursing her at 2am) I finally got her to sleep through the night. She is now 2 and 1/2 and has been sleeping 12 hours through the night ever since, and she takes a 3 hour nap during the day. All this to say don’t give up even if your child isn’t doing what the book says they should, not all babies are the same, and this program works, even if it is later than “average.” Babywise has been one of my life-savers, and I recommend it to everyone I know!!


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