Poll Results: How many hours total did baby sleep in a 24 hour period for ages 9-10 months? (approximate)



16-17 hours: 41 votes (27%)
14-15 hours: 76 votes (49%)
12-13 hours: 30 votes (19%)
less than 12 hours: 7 votes (5%)

Total of 154 votes

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10 thoughts on “Poll Results: How many hours total did baby sleep in a 24 hour period for ages 9-10 months? (approximate)”

  1. Okay…it’s me again (baby now on a good 4hr schedule)…I’ve always wanted to ask a BW guru about this. There has only been one thing about BW that disappointed with my son. I was always excited that after implementing BW I would eventually be able to put my son to sleep anywhere (that’s what I came to believe from reading the book). He did great when he had a crib, his playpen, and/or bassinet. But if we were out…forget about it. I couldn’t even rock him to sleep b/c he hated being held when he was tired (something I was normally proud of instilling in him, but backfired when needed to do so on a plane!!!)And hating his infant carrier didn’t help…fortunately he was a big boy and outgrew it quickly. Any advice/suggestions for my new little one. So far she seems to be at peace with the car seat…she is following big bro steps and does not like to be held when tired (and I really don’t mind that…don’t like leechy children). Any thoughts you may have are appreciated!!!

  2. My ten month old is a Babywise baby and will not even sleep in her car seat. She is not given an opportunity to do so very often (like never) but we are traveling to NY and she will probably have to take at least one nap in her stroller for a few of the days we are there – not sure what I will do. I figure in those few times, since she is a BW babe, she will do fine even if she does not sleep as mucn as she should. I am not sure if it is specific to a BW babe or just her personality. I have friends with BW babes and they can sleep on the go when absolutely necessary. I also figure in those few times, if they are tired enough they are trained to put themselves to sleep:-)

  3. I think some babies are just like that. My son will not sleep ANYWHERE but his crib. Not in the car, not in a stroller, not a friends house. Frustrating..but that’s just the way he is. Now his twin sister would sleep in the middle of a parade on a float if I let her!

  4. I think some babies are more likely to sleep anywhere, but what we do can certaily help. I know Valerie has a post somewhere about this, but it is important to vary sleep locations ocasionally from the time your baby is young. Also, my son went through several months (6 months – maybe 12 months?) where he was extremely picky about where he slept but then he got a bit better. It is a bit of my fault though, bc I didn’t vary sleeping locations enough.

  5. LC,I think that is just an affect of BW. With most kids, you can’t have it all. You can’t have kids that sleep in the carseat and at home in bed. Babywise kids are well rested, so they don’t need to catch sleep when in the carseat. Children who don’t get regular naps will usually fall asleep in the carseat because they are finally holding still and they have some outside stimulus to help them fall asleep.My older two weren’t car sleepers. Even when we drove 6 hours to yellowstone last summer…they stayed awake right through naptime. I always say I would rather have my children sleep well 95% of the time while we are home than the 5% of the time we are out and about.

  6. Heidi, It is true; if they are tired enough, they can and will fall asleep in odd places. For example, sticking with Yellowstone last summer, on our last day in Yellowstone, Kaitlyn fell asleep in the backpack carried on a hike. Lack of sleep had finally caught up with her. But it can take them some time to get tired enough. I am sure the length of time is dependent on the child.I don’t know what kind of stroller you are going to use, but I know my Graco will lay down flat. If yours does that, you might have the best chance of her sleeping.

  7. Rachel is right, I do recommend varying sleeping locations. I like to have my kids take naps in different beds and different rooms in the house just so they are able to sleep other places. Plus they will often sleep at my parent’s house, which helps offer variations. And she is right; some children are more flexible than others. Some “roll with the punches” better than others.And I do have a post on it. I can’t find it right now! Here it is:http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/11/sleeping-tip-vary-sleeping-locations.html

  8. Val,You are so right. It’s weird b/c I did BW successfully with my son 7+ yrs ago and to be honest, it is now, with my second that I am finally getting it….and the silly thing is that it has been there all along in the book. I was a hyperscheduling nazi with Caleb and expected BW to be the answer for all (and it did work..though I had hoped it had done so overnight!). It is only now, with the help of your blog and listening to all the other moms, that I have realized it is an overall approach based on principle..DAH!! I feel better/more free this time around. That being said, I won’t lie….I still get angry that things don’t work exactly like I want them and when I want them. I am very much a cause and effect thinking type of person. God has had a sense of humor by giving me children!

  9. LC, lol 🙂 I agree, you (general you) get more relaxed with more kids. You also see the big picture better. I think part of it is that you have seen life with older children. You have a better idea of your end goals and how to get there. You also know from experience that bumps are going to come. It is just a part of the process!


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